Read to Me Learning Centre

Providing Orton-Gillingham and Phono-Graphix Instruction to Dyslexic Learners

Giving students the tools they need to open the door to literacy

About the Therapeutic Practitioner

  • Dyslexia means difficulty with words and/or language

  • Dyslexia has no relationship to general intelligence

  • The way individuals with dyslexia think can actually be an asset to achieving success

  • Famous people with dyslexia:

Steven Speilberg, The Wright Brothers, Bill Gates, Charles Scwab, Walt Disney, Beethoven, Tom Cruise, Richard Branson, Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein,  Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci,  Whoopi Goldberg and Jamie Oliver.

What do I teach?

  • Early Intervention
  • Phonological Awareness Skills
  • Reading and Spelling
  • Penmanship/Grammar/Writing
  • Fluency/Comprehension
  • Multisensory Typing

Who do I teach?

  • Dyslexic, Reluctant and Remedial Readers of all Ages and Levels
  • Students with Learning Disabilities

  • English Language Learners

  • French Immersion Students

Welcome to Read to Me Learning Centre where learners can strengthen their literacy skills to help unlock our written code



Sessions available after school and weekends with highly qualified University Math Honours Students.

All learners welcome from

 elementary to high school. 

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Andrea Galvin has been in the field of education for many years holding the positions of an Education Assistant and Learning Support Worker for the North Vancouver School District. She brings with her an extensive skill set in Special Education.

She is a graduate of the Reach Learning Centre where she obtained her Orton-Gillingham training. In addition to being a Therapeutic Orton-Gillingham Practitioner, which specializes in multi-sensory language remediation she is also a Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist that uses a phonetic-linguistic approach to teaching reading and literacy skills.

Andrea holds certifications in Special Education, Behaviour Management, Provincial Outreach Program for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, POPARD Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorder, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and Supporting Students w/Mental Health and Behaviour Issues.

Andrea has a calm and positive manner that helps put her students at ease. Her passion is evident about giving students the tools they need to open the door to literacy that will enhance their lives.


Andrea Galvin is without question the most gifted teacher my family has every met. While Andrea is the epitome of professionalism, she is also incredibly warm and genuinely caring. Andrea is thorough in her assessment and treatment planning and she provides regular feedback to keep our family on track. I could not recommend a better OG tutor for our son and he is always excited to attend her sessions. We travel to her multiple times per week and it is totally worth it!

- CaraLynne and Shane McLean

Andrea is an amazing OG tutor. She worked with my son, who has a learning disability and an anxiety disorder for over a  year. Andrea was able to provide lessons that were engaging and carefully designed for his needs. When my son became anxious and didn't want to continue, Andrea gave him breaks and encouraged him to continue. She built up a relationship built on trust and respect and he flourished under her tutoring. We saw an incredible improvement in his reading and spelling deficits and most importantly, his confidence grew thanks to her. Andrea is a highly skilled tutor who values and respects her students, and I recommend her to anyone looking for help with their child in reading, writing, and spelling difficulties.

- Cheryl Kuban

From our first email exchange with Andrea, she immediately put us at ease and we knew our son would be in great hands. Not only was she incredibly knowledgable about dyslexia, but she has a great understanding of the school system which we found really beneficial. We are coming up to the end of our son's first year of tutoring, and the progress he has made is staggering. He really enjoys his sessions with Andrea and always leaves with a big smile and sense of accomplishment. We can't say enough great things about Andrea and the connection she has made with our son. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for OG support for their child.

- Jennifer & Jonathan

Our son was diagnosed with dyslexia at the end of grade 1, after a difficult and frustrating year. Andrea was recommended to us and thankfully she had availability to tutor our son the following school year. Since starting his sessions with her, he has gone from barely being able to read to being able to read at grade level in both English and French. The progress with Andrea's support has been truly amazing and it has made such a difference to his self esteem. We are so grateful for Andrea's expertise and highly recommend her to any parent looking for and exceptional OG tutor. 

- Tracy and Jim

Our family is so pleased to have Andrea in our life. She has spent the past three years tutoring our daughter with great success. Her kind demeanour and consistent focus has elevated our daughter's reading skills to current grade level, but more importantly has given our daughter the confidence to engage in classroom activities without a second thought. She is now one of the first kids in her class to get up in front of all her classmates to read out loud. Andrea has played an important role in our daughter's development that will last for years to come. We can't thank her enough. 

- Shari McKinley

I highly recommend Andrea as an experienced Orton-Gillingham reading tutor. She has provided three times weekly tutoring sessions to my son for the past couple of years. During this time, my son has made tremendous gains in both reading ability and reading confidence. He always says he enjoys the sessions.  Andrea provides a comfortable and encouraging environment for him, and he knows what to expect each time as she follows a consistent routine.

Andrea is professional, punctual and extremely organized. She always shares information related to their sessions with my son’s teachers. I appreciate her reading expertise and feel that she always addresses my questions and concerns knowledgeably. She is able to recognize areas in which my son struggles and adapts her teaching to meet his needs. He is now reading books that he never could have figured out six months ago. It has been a true joy and relief to see him finally making progress!”

-  Mashiah Vaughn 

** Service Provider for the Autism Funding Branch and Self Design Learning Community 

The goal is simple: To create success stories, one student at a time.


In my private tutoring practice I combine the two most effective methods in teaching individuals with reading disabilities learn how to read.

My powerful intervention program gives students the tools they need to open the door to literacy while learning from the Orton-Gillingham Approach and Phono-Graphix Reading Method.

A thorough assessment is performed to determine exactly what reading level the student is. Each lesson is then tailored to the unique learning style and needs of the student. Teaching is done in a direct, multi-sensory, sequential manner where the student is taken step-by-step from basic concepts that progress to more complex language functions at their own pace and comfort level.

Personalized instruction is done using a combination of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile techniques. This powerful approach opens up all the learning pathways simultaneously and this is when great learning takes hold.

My program empowers students and restores confidence in their abilities. I work with all ages and levels from child to adult. I also teach special needs students, French Immersion students and provide targeted reading instruction to English Language Learners. I prove to my students that they are intelligent and are entitled to succeed and to reach their potential.

I teach the way my students learn

Let me help fill in the gaps so reading makes sense